The DHMC Hematology laboratory fully supports the established medical and research programs that make DHMC a world-class medical and teaching facility.

Combining state of the art automation, advanced technologies and specialized manual testing to provide excellent quality care for our patients.

The Hematology and Flow Cytometry laboratories through specimen analysis actively support the bone marrow and organ transplant program, trauma center, and coagulation programs. As one of the few regional hemophilia centers in the country funded and supported by the Centers for Disease Control, the coagulation program addresses a full range of hereditary and acquired diseases of the blood coagulation mechanism.

Seeking out and using the latest automation and fluorescent flow cell technology allows us to process up to 1000 CBCs per day. Additional automation is used in processing urinalysis samples and enumerating cellular elements of body fluid samples. Hematology still relies heavily on manual methods for peripheral blood and bone marrow differentials, bone marrow and body fluid processing, and cytochemical stains and procedures. These efforts support the needs of Mary Hitchcock Memorial Hospital inpatients, outpatients for the Norris Cotton Cancer Center, the Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth and outreach clients throughout NH and VT.

Through close interactions with pathologists, clinicians and the educational community, our team of talented and dedicated people creates a supportive atmosphere for learning and personal development. Personal advancement is encouraged at all levels to create to highest quality interdisciplinary team provide the best care to our patients.

As a department we are committed to performing quality work and producing results that make a difference in the care of patients, ensuring that continuous professional growth and quality improvement remain our focus.

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